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Aerospace & Defence

The future of the aerospace and defense industry is exciting. Next-generation aircraft – powered by advanced electronics, sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) – will differ significantly from what we are seeing today. Aerospace and defense electronics and avionics manufacturers must rely on digital technologies to deliver more sophisticated and reliable electronics at scale. Our solutions enable electronic manufacturers to cope with the demanding needs of the industry today. 

With the advent of commercial drones and in the not-too-distant future, urban air travel, the air space is becoming more crowded. Also, more rockets are being launched as nontraditional companies and nations that are new to the space race develop applications that require satellites. Advanced electronic systems, sensors, IoT and software provide the crucial backbone for all of these trends.  


The demanding requirements these new systems create, combined with the current, already-stringent aerospace and defense requirements, are exerting tremendous pressure on electronics, sensors and systems manufacturers. 


Our solution enables a multi-disciplinary approach that breaks down barriers between electrical, mechanical, and software engineering departments. By decreasing the innovation and development cycles, enabling collaboration across and through supply chains, and creating a closed-loop, intelligent and integrated manufacturing environment, our electronics and semiconductor digital enterprise solutions allow companies to leverage data across multiple domains, improving quality and profitability while reducing time-to-market and costs. 

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