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Manufacturing Operations Management for Electronics (MES)

Our Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) software portfolio provides a holistic solution to improve manufacturing operations performance. CDT enables the digitalization of a broad spectrum of production-related functions, including advanced planning and scheduling, manufacturing execution, quality management, laboratory management, and enterprise manufacturing intelligence. Working together to optimize production processes within the Digital Enterprise, CDT solutions drive operational excellence, with a focus on improving production efficiency, flexibility, and time-to-market.

By fully digitizing process, CDT equip manufacturers with the tools they need to rapidly respond to market changes and disruptive innovation.

Design & Validation

  • DFM - Run DFF, DFA and DFT to detect manufacturability

  • ​Supply Chain analysis for BOM validation identifying component availability, pricing and quality

Manufacturing Engineering

  • BOM pricing and costing

  • Build a full digital twin of the bill-of-process in Teamcenter

  • Simulate & validate the PCB assembly, stencil, inspection & test processes

  • Generate machine programs and recipes, and manage in Teamcenter

Manufacturing Execution

  • MES for end-to-end shop floor control and tractability

  • Intra-plant logistics for managing inventory between storage and consumption scheduling

  • Analytics: Descriptive and Predictive analysis for data-driven manufacturing

Advanced Planning & Scheduling for Electronics

Evaluate design tradeoffs with pre-layout analysis and validate designs prior to fab with post-layout analysis. Supports SerDes channels, DDRx memory interfaces, and general-purpose signal integrity.


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