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Professional Services

Professional Services boast a track record of success in improving productivity and mitigating risk in our customers' design and verification flows. Delivered by highly experienced global teams, each service and training offering is designed to maximize your business and technical success.

  • Basic and advanced training classes for design and verification engineers

  • Terminology, product and design trainings on digital signal processing

  • Product trainings for Mentor PCB design solutions

  • Product trainings for Mentor cabling design solutions

  • IPC certification trainings given by authorized design experts

  • You can find a bunch of standard and customizable courses in VHDL, Verilog and SystemVerilog languages. Level of course difficulty varies upon your needs.

    As for the FPGA flow, CDT provides many FPGA design and verification courses some of which are hands-on lab practices.

  • CDT provides training and consultancy services led by highly experienced engineers in the context of DO-178C.

  • CDT provides training, consultancy and DER (Designated Engineering Resource) services led by highly experienced engineers in the context of DO-254. Additionally, a large portfolio of software solutions is available in the following DO-254 design steps: design entry, requirement management, verification, documentation, synthesis etc.


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