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Our solutions are built for the specific needs of individual industries. Based on years of experience understanding key industry requirements, these solutions help companies quickly realise value in their products and processes.

In today's world of highly specialised products, general software solutions fail to meet the needs of fast-moving companies in competitive markets. Extensive software customisation efforts along with complex, time-consuming implementations make it difficult for companies to quickly capitalise on the potential benefits these solutions can offer. Only by working with solutions built for the particular processes and in the specific language of an individual industry can companies leverage these technologies at the speed that today's products demand.

That's why, more than a decade ago, our partner Siemens Digital Industries Software began establishing industry-specific steering groups comprised of forward-thinking customers who are considered leaders in their industries and innovative in their use of our technology. These steering groups focus on business processes unique to their industries, the challenges associated with those processes, and the new concepts that will dramatically improve them.

Regardless of the industry you're in, Siemens' industry-specific solutions and our expertise in electronics manufacturing in a variety of industries, we can help build your digital enterprise with a software solution that's right for you.



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Cloud-Based PCB Design For Manufacturing

Advanced Planning and Scheduling for Electronics

Process Preparation for PCB Assembly & Test

Manufacturing Operations Management for Electronics

Cloud-Based PCB Design for Manufacturing

PCBFlow accelerates the design-to-manufacturing handoff by providing a secure environment to which PCB design teams and manufacturers can connect to share and collaborate, instantly delivering designs to production.

This enables designers to rapidly perform a wide range of DFM analyses specific to the process capabilities of a selected manufacturing facility, and manufacturers to quickly perform DFM analysis on their customers’ PCB designs which they will fabricate and assemble. 

PCBFlow also enables DFM analysis during the early stages of the design process, reducing design iterations, costs and time-to-market.

Digital Industry Solutions for Electronics

Automotive and transportation systems are exponentially adopting sophisticated electronics, sensors, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Electronics manufacturers are using digitalization technologies to deliver more sophisticated and reliable electronics at scale. Our solutions provide a suite of digitalisation technologies used by electronics manufacturers to design and manufacture electronic systems to help achieve this new level of innovation and efficiency. 


Automotive & Transportation

Aerospace & Defense

Industrial & Consumer Electronics

Contract Manufacturing / Electronics Manufacturing Services

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